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Go / no-go task using jsPsych

Keywords: reaction time, jspsych, example
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This is an example experiment to demonstrate how to use the jsPsych library with psiTurk. The experiment is a simple go/no-go task: subjects respond to blue circles as fast as possible, but ignore orange circles. Reaction times are measured and an average reaction time for correct responses is shown at the end. The experiment highlights a number of jsPsych features that can be used in a variety of experiments.

What is this?
psiTurk is a open platform for science using Mechanical Turk. psiTurk includes an Experiment Exchange where researchers can share code for their experiments (think of it as an "app store" for crowd-sourced experiments). This is the home page for one such experiment.

How do I run this experiment?

This psiTurk experiment can be installed easily on any system that has the psiturk command line tool. More information on installing this tool is here.

$ psiturk-install W4v3TPAsiD6FUVY8PDyajH