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An open platform for science on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

How does it work? It's quite simple actually
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How do I get started?

Many computers can get started with three simple commands:

 $ pip install psiturk 

$ psiturk-setup-example
3. Launch the psiTurk command line and get started collecting data!

$ cd psiturk-example
$ psiturk

View the documentation for more info, or jump in with our quick start guide!

Need more convincing?

Check out the growing list of features...

  • No need to install, configure and maintain complex webserver software (e.g., Apache, MySQL)
  • Minimize security issues since server only runs while you want to collect data
  • Prevent same worker from performing your experiment multiple times
  • Standardization across labs/research groups aids replicability/code sharing
  • Automatically record if participant is switching between windows during the task
  • Save data from experiment incrementally to maximize data collection
  • Prevent users for quiting then restarting experiment
  • Extendable Python based API: easily add new functionality
  • Library of experiments you can adapt or replicate
  • Fully open-source development helps catch bugs
  • Easy to use interactive command line
  • Simplifies paying participants quickly, including bonuses
  • Automatically fill in conditions randomly and evenly
  • Easily switch between AMT's sandbox and live site
  • Perfect for laboratory-based courses with undergrads (replicating studies)
  • Since everything runs locally easy to debug/test (even w/o Internet!)
  • Well documented!

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